Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Wrong Path

From around the first full week of starting my new job in Hong Kong I had a nagging feeling that I had chosen the wrong path.  When my rational head was telling me to stick with it, give it time, things could only improve - my emotional head was telling me that this was neither the right job nor the right working environment for me.   For the past three months my mind has been in complete turmoil and I've been lost in a fog of contradictory advice offered by friends and family, desperately trying to process the best course of action.  

An email was circulated at work a couple of weeks ago asking everyone to send one of the more senior members of the team three to five positive words we associate with the company.  Realising that the only positive word I could offer was 'money' was a big wake-up call.  Suddenly it dawned on me that I had been walking purposefully down a path I had chosen to follow, only to find that it didn't lead to anywhere I wanted to be.   On Monday I made the decision that it was time to get off the wrong path and find a new route.

So, I am currently staring into the abyss of unemployment and self-inflicted poverty, however I feel an overwhelming sense of relief.  I just have to make it through 21 more working days in my grey cubicle, under artificial light, breathing  recycled air-conditioned air before I am free to find the path that leads to where I want to go.

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  1. Brave decision and by the sound of it, the right one! Good luck Adrienne. I am sure something far better is around the corner or down another path!


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