Thursday, 11 April 2013

The repentant Walders

When I lived in London, all too frequently that 'one quiet drink' after work turned into several, and before you knew it you were dancing until the early hours on a Tuesday night, conveniently forgetting about the client presentation you had to give the following day.  Living on the south coast of England things changed a little as everyone drove to work, which meant that 'one quiet drink' with colleagues always was just that.  Already I have witnessed plans going awry in Hong Kong with a foreboding sense of deja-vu.

On Tuesday night David and I met up with a friend of David's who was visiting Hong Kong for a couple of days.  The plan was to go for a civilised dinner in Soho and then head home at a sensible time.  Things veered off course when we were sitting outside a bar having a pre-dinner glass of wine when Dave's new friend Lars happened to be passing on his way home from work, and decided to join us.  One drink turned into two and then our stomachs insisted it was feeding time.  After a fantastic Chinese meal accompanied by copious wine, it seemed too early to call it a night, so we paraded back to a lively bar for more drinks.  Needless to say, once that bar shut, it still seemed too early to head home, so we dusted off our dancing shoes and took ourselves off to a fine Hong Kong late night drinking and dancing establishment - which came complete with a DJ who was stuck in the 90's and a plethora of hookers.  It was only after we had demonstrated to Hong Kong that we had the dance moves of Justin Timberlake - and the place closed around us - that we took our weary legs back home.

Waking up at around lunchtime, I was overwhelmed with drunken remorse and reluctantly donned my gym kit to drag myself up The Peak.  I'm not going to lie to you - it hurt... everything hurt... but I did it nonetheless.

To compensate for our night of excess, David and I decided to have an early night last night so we could get up at 6am to walk up to Pinewood Battery.  Fortunately, last night we managed to avoid bumping into any bad influences and the repentant Walders stuck to their plans and made it to Pinewood Battery before David headed to work this morning.  Here is the evidence:

Already I can see that as we make new friends here in Hong Kong, the likelihood of bumping into people we know on our way home on the escalator is going to be a worryingly common occurrence.  Therefore the need for an iron will is going to be mandatory for David and I to avoid repenting our way up The Peak, regularly, first thing in the morning.  Wish us luck - I think we are going to need it.

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