Tuesday, 3 July 2018

My top ten achievements during my first 6 months of sobriety

Part Two

Following on from yesterday's blog about my top ten achievements since I stopped drinking, here are the top five things that I've achieved since January.

5. I've been writing children's stories for an English course

I was approached recently by my tutor from my CertTESOL course, about writing some children's stories for an English course.  In the past I would have been too scared to have committed to this, believing I wouldn't be good enough and being concerned about how I would find the time.  With the new found confidence that a sober lifestyle has given me, coupled with the ridiculous amount of time I have now I'm not wasting it rotting on a sofa with a hangover, I have grasped the opportunity with both hands.  I have actually loved writing the stories and found it much easier and more fun than I ever would have thought it would be.

4. I qualified as a PADI Enriched Air diver

Going on my first booze-free holiday back in April, I quickly realised that holidaying when you're not drinking becomes all about the day and filling those days.  With a clear head, I committed to doing my PADI Enriched Air diver qualification and I have done more diving so far this year than I've done since 2002 when I first got my PADI.  I plan on doing so much more diving from now on as I do absolutely love it.

3. I've had one of my research projects from the Trinity DipTESOL published

Last year as part of my Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language I had to undertake three pieces of research.  This year, I finally plucked up the courage to pitch one of my pieces of research to an academic publication called Modern English Teacher.  I was over the moon when the Editor came back to confirm that they are going to publish my research on 'Effective Strategies for Managing Young Learners’ Behaviour in the ESL Classroom' in the July 2018 edition of the publication.  It's out any minute now and I can't wait to see it.

2. I competed in (and completed!) the Countries of Origin trail run

Back in April, my husband, a good mate of ours  and I competed as a team in the Countries of Origin trail run.  This was no mean feat bearing in mind we had to run (walk in our case!) 30km but also ascend 1,563m (higher than the tallest mountain in the UK) and all in the Hong Kong humidity.  We managed to complete the course and the buzz from surviving the challenge was 100% worth the pain.

1. I'm beginning to learn how to like myself

Since stopping drinking, the mean girl in my head has calmed down and I have learnt to listen to the kinder voice.  Now when the mean girl attempts to pipe up, the kind girl tells her to shut up and she does.  The end result has been that I've started to like myself a lot more.  I have learnt to be proud of my achievements, as well as not beating myself up too much for my failures (e.g. my chocolate addiction!).  My biggest achievement in the past six months has been learning how to be kind to myself and the end result is that I am a genuinely happy and content person as a result.
Before I stopped drinking and after I stopped drinking

The best thing is that it's only been six months since I've stopped drinking and I feel I've already benefited so much from this big change.  I can't wait to see what else I can achieve in 2018 without alcohol holding me back.


  1. Learning about self compassion was a huge step for me, too. I like my now. I’m ok.

    1. I hadn't realised quite how mean I was being to myself until I stopped drinking. Liking myself has been a huge break through in improving my self-image. It's been a real revelation. 😊


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