Sunday, 24 June 2018

Ten reasons why I love alcohol-free weekends

I started writing a blog today but the words just weren't flowing so I thought I'd try making a vlog instead all about my weekend and why I love alcohol-free weekends.

Take a look at my latest vlog about my alcohol-free weekend...

In short the reasons why I love my alcohol-free weekends are:

  1. I'm not debilitated by hangovers
  2. I have so much more time to do things when I'm not feeling hungover and rubbish
  3. I am so much more productive and capable of doing things
  4. I don't keep putting off the rubbish chores
  5. I am able to properly catch up on sleep and rest before the week ahead
  6. I am happy and pleasant to be around
  7. I enjoy watching my friends get drunk and not being one of the chief participants
  8. I love waking up early and reading in bed with a cuppa - this may be an age thing!
  9. I feel great all the time so the world is my oyster
  10. Did I mention that I DON'T GET HANGOVERS!!
Watch my vlog where I ramble around these points....

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